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The staff pattern, the cadre structure and the students – Faculty ratio will be followed as per AICTE / Anna university / State Government norms.


The prescribed minimum qualifications and experience requirements for the various teaching posts will be based on the norms of AICTE/UGC and Anna University. For non-teaching post appointment will be based on the department’s requirement. Only experience after acquiring the basic academic qualification for the post shall be considered as relevant. The Candidates should have obtained degrees from a University recognized by the AICTE/UGC shall be treated as valid.


Faculty Requirement

The HODs will prepare the department faculty work load as per the guide lines, one month before the commencement of odd/even semester in the academic year. Relevant details used to arrive at the department faculty workload shall be submitted to principal. The Principal shall scrutinize department faculty workload and requirements as per the norms. Thereafter, the Principal shall call for preparation of a consolidated faculty workload for all departments.

Notification and Selection

  • Vacancies arising from time to time shall be consolidated and notified in the leading dailies Tamil / English as decided by the Management. The advertisement shall specify minimum qualifications and other requirements for the post(s) so as to meet the norms prescribed by AICTE and other competent authority.

  • At least two weeks’ time from the date of publication in the news papers will be given to the candidates to apply.

  • The screening and short listing of the applications shall be done by the faculty of the departments concerned and in consultation with the Principal.

  • The shortlisted applications will be tabulated department wise in the prescribed format, showing the personal details of the candidates, the marks or grades obtained by them right from SSLC or equivalent examination onwards, their academic or other achievements over and above the minimum prescribed qualification and previous relevant experience.

  • Only teaching/industry/research experience gained will be considered as qualifying experience for direct recruitment of teaching posts.

  • Candidates who teaches in AICTE/UGC recognised institution in one full academic year will be considered as having one year of teaching experience. Part time/guest/ad-hoc/contract teaching experience will not be considered for reckoning teaching experience.

  • Candidates with relevant experience in a reputed industry in their area of specialization will be considered to have qualifying experience.

  • Study leave/deputation period of a candidate for higher studies shall not be treated as qualifying experience.

  • Interviews shall normally be conducted in the month of April/ May. But interviews may also be conducted at other times if circumstances situation so warrants.

  • Date of interview shall be decided by the HOD in consultation with the Principal. Notice of interview shall be sent by post to the candidates well in advance in any case at least one week before the date of interview. Candidates shall also be given intimation over through phone/SMS / E-mail.

  • The Principal and the HOD concerned department with senior faculty shall be the members of the interview board. The interview board may nominate an external subject expert or others as it deems fit.


  • The workload for the faculty as per AICTE norms.

  • Student-faculty ratio is as per AICTE norms.


Recruitment of candidates shall be on merit and suitability as decided by the interview board and a rank list of suitable candidates shall be prepared based on the assessment of the board. The offer of appointment will be issued subject to the management discretion.


Details of Selection Committee




HOD Concerned


Subject Experts

Appointment, Probation and Regularization

  • The appointing authority shall be the Principal, Gnanamani College of Technology.

  • The first appointment in the case of regular faculty shall be on probation for a period of one year. Leave during this period shall not be counted for this purpose.

  • At the time of first appointment the management has the right to direct the candidate to undergo for an induction programme or any other similar programme. The time spent on such course or programme shall be treated as part of the probation. While in service, the management may direct a faculty member for further training or refresher course if necessary.

  • The performance of new faculty members on probation shall be reviewed at six months interval and the services of those found unsuitable as assessed by the management shall be terminated either during the period of probation or at the end of the probation. If the management considers it desirable, it may give an extension of probation for a suitable period not longer than one year but no second extension of probation shall be given under any circumstances.

  • On satisfactory completion of probation as decided by the management, the probationer will be given regular appointment.

  • The performance of regular faculty members shall be reviewed once in a year.

  • Appointment of retired persons will be on regular basis as per requirement.

  • A newly appointed faculty member shall submit a joining report to the principal at the time of joining and is required to submit his/her original certificates of age, academic qualifications and experience (if any claimed by him/her) to the college office.

Joining Report

The staff member at the time of joining duty in this Institution has to submit the following to the college office / corporate office.

  • Joining Report

  • Originals of his / her educational certificates and experience certificates etc

  • Xerox copies of the certificates.

  • One recent passport size photo

(Note: Xerox copies of all credentials to be retained)

The staff shall furnish both his/her temporary / permanent address along with contact phone number / e-mail id (if any) to the administrative office. As and when there is any change in the above address / contact phone number / e- mail id / the same has to be intimated to the administrative office immediately.


  • As per the University norms, the institution will fulfill minimum number of working days required for a semester.

  • Work load of a teacher will be as per the AICTE / Anna University norms.


Leave is a provision to stay away from work for genuine reasons with prior approval of the authorities. The leave rules shall be applicable to the employees of the this Institute.

Guide lines for carrying over for the followings:

  • The staff can avail a total of 12 Casual Leave (CL) in an academic year (1st June to 31st May).

  • The staff members can avail one day Casual Leave (CL) per month normally. However, the staff members with more than one year experience in our college can avail the CL as per their requirement subject to the maximum limit.

  • If there is any balance CL at credit to staff member at the end of the academic year, it will be brought forward to the subsequent academic year.

  • Every request for the casual leave to the Principal shall be routed through the respective Head of the Department.

  • Leave can be availed by the staff member only with the prior permission from the Principal after making the due alternative arrangements for class work.

  • If application cannot be submitted in advance on account of some emergency or unforeseen reason, the H.O.D should be contacted over the phone at the earliest so that the H.O.D. should be able to make arrangements for engaging the class.

  • Failure to engage the class on account of leave / absent shall be treated as dereliction of duty on the part of the faculty member availing leave.

  • Principal is the authority to sanction casual leave to teaching as well as non teaching staff.

  • Leave on loss of pay is not a routine leave, which can be availed by the staff as and when they prefer.

Compensation Casual Leave (C.P.L)

  • The management has the right to assign employees on duty on public holidays. In such cases the employee will be entitled to avail compensatory off on any working day with the previous permission of the leave sanctioning authority.

  • It is a leave sanctioned to a teaching or non-teaching staff in lieu of having attended the office on a college holiday whenever he / she is directed to do so by the authorities i.e. Chairman, Principal and H.O.D concerned of the college.

  • C.P.L. can also be combined with C.L. C.P.L. can be availed as full day only.

  • This leave must be availed within three months from the day of the duty attend.

Medical Leave (M.L.)

  • The staff members suffered while handling dangerous machinery or performing hazardous task with chemicals or any severe health issues are eligible for medical leave for a period required for recovery.

  • The Management has a right to refer the affected staff member for medical advice to the hospital or medical practitioner of its choice.

  • M.L. will be sanctioned only on production of a medical certificate from a Registered Medical Practioner.

  • Intervening holidays will also be treated as ML.

  • If the holidays are prefixed and/or suffixed with M.L. they will not be counted along with M.L.

  • M.L. intimation must be given to the Principal as soon as possible and application in writing should be submitted within 7 days from the date of availing M.L.

  • The sanction of the medical leave is subject to the discretion of the principal as per the medical circumstances.

Maternity Leave (M.A.L.)

  • The leave is applicable to all the Women members of staff who have completed one year of service can avail six month Maternity leave.

  • This leave may be taken before or after delivery as advised by the doctor.

On Duty (O.D)

  • A staff member can avail 12 days exam OD in a academic year in order to attend university duties like External Examiner, Central Valuation, etc.

  • A staff member can avail 12 days special OD in a year in order to attend various Conference / Seminar / Faculty Development Programs / Winter schools/Summer schools

  • Any staff member presenting a paper in a National or International Conference will be sanctioned registration fee in addition to the OD. The registration fee will be sanctioned for a maximum of two conferences for a staff member per year on selective basis.

  • The staff member has to produce a copy of the assignment along with the request letter submitted through the proper channel for ON DUTY. Further, attendance certificate to the effect that he/she has attended to the specific work for the specific period has to be produced after returning to the duty. Otherwise the ON DUTY shall be adjusted in the casual leave if available or shall be treated as loss of pay.

  • ON DUTY cannot be claimed as of right and based on exigencies, ON DUTY may be refused or curtailed.

  • Leave cannot be claimed as of right and when the exigencies so demand, leave of any descriptions may be refused altered or revoked by the authority empowered to sanction the leave.


  • Vacation Leave (VL) is three weeks per year and faculties can avail two weeks in summer and one week in winter. The staff members who has less than one year of service are permitted to avail vacation as per their service months.

  • The vacation is for a specific period in each semester. It is decided by the management. No staff member can take the vacation after the vacation period.

  • Coupling of both vacations and availing the total period of vacation at a stretch is not permitted.

  • The Principal has the right to prevent any staff member from availing a portion or the whole vacation if the service of the particular individual is essential for the administration of the Institution.

  • When prevented from enjoying the vacation, the particular staff will be eligible for the grant of suitable compensatory additional leave after the end of the academic year.

  • Staff members who have completed one year of service as on date of commencement of vacation period are entitled for vacation as detailed above.

  • However, the staff member with a service of less than one year will be given vacation proportionally to the length of period of service rendered by him/her.

  • No other leave can be combined with vacation.

  • All the staff members must be present in the Institution on the last working day prior to the vacation and also on reopening day after the vacation .

Note: Any type of leave mentioned above cannot be claimed as a matter of right and the decision of the Management/Principal in all the cases is final.


  • Monday to Saturday will be working days for the institution except First and Third Saturdays.

  • Classes start at 9.15 a.m. and close at 4.45 p.m.

  • All staff members are required to report of duty (intime) bio metrit punch before 9.15 am and report of duty out time at 4.45 p.m.

  • For the benefit of slow learners, who need extra coaching, special classes may be conducted from 5.00 to 6.30 p.m. as planned by the faculty members.

  • All public holiday, Saturdays not declared as working day and Sundays are holidays for all faculty members.

  • Holidays declared by the govt. (with the clause ‘for all educational institutions including professional colleges’) will be holidays for both the students and the faculty.

  • The management reserves the right to convert any holiday into a working day in special circumstances.


  • All teaching and non teaching staff members shall report of duty / in time attendance in the computer (biometric) before the reporting time (9.15 a.m.) and at the end of the college (4.45 p.m.) on all working days. They also sign the attendance register both in forenoon and afternoon sessions.

  • The officials will close the attendance register at 9.30 a.m. in the morning.

  • Non-marking of attendance shall be treated as absence unless permitted by the Principal.

  • Staff members can avail two permission in a month (9.15 a.m. To 10.15 a.m. or 3.45 p.m. To 4.45 p.m.). Report of duty (in time) After 10.15 a.m. will be treated as half a day casual leave.

  • ‘Forgot to punch’ shall not be accepted as a reason for not punching. In such cases the faculty member should submit his/her explanation to the H.o.D at the earliest opportunity and in any case not later than the next day. The H.o.D. shall forward the explanation with his comment to the Principal and his decision in the matter shall be final. If the explanation is not satisfactory, the day shall be treated as leave.


  • Based on the qualification and experience, monthly salary with basic pay, AGP and other allowances will be fixed for member according every staff to the norms of the Management.

  • The revision of salary is left to the discretion of the management.

  • Staff members who acquire Ph.D. degree after entering into service in the institution will be sanctioned with additional increments/incentives as per College norms.

  • Salary of each staff member will be directly credited into the savings bank account of the individual on or before 5th every month.

  • Income tax, if any, will be deducted from the salary and paid to the government.

Pay Band:


  • Assistant Professors shall be in the Pay Band of Rs. 15600-39100 with AGP of Rs.6000.

  • Associate Professor shall be in the Pay Band of Rs.37400-67000, with AGP of Rs.9000.

  • Professor shall be in the Pay Band of Rs. 37400-67000, with AGP of Rs. 10000.


  • Research is the tool to create and innovate usable and exploitable scientific information for providing new, cheaper, efficient and sustainable solutions for the needs of mankind.

  • It is a multimodal and multidimensional process based on a combination of various sciences, engineering skills, technologies, manufacturing, marketing and management techniques.

  • The economic growth of any society is now increasingly dependent on creativity through human resources, innovation through research and development, and capital through intellectual property rights. The College is willing is eager to contribute to the social and economic development of the country by promoting the research propensity among its staff and students and has, therefore, introduced certain incentive schemes for Science and Engineering research.

  • The College encourages its teachers to take up consultancy and R & D assignments within Institution, with other Institutions or Industries, appropriate to the teacher’s competency.

  • The college focuses on inter-discipline research, especially in the areas of nano-technology, Robotics, Automation, Big Data, etc that generates with the new ideas and promotes the development of innovative products and processes.

Ways to bring about Research findings

Findings/results of a research work can be shared with the community by :

  • Attending conferences,

  • Presenting papers in conferences

  • Publishing in research journals/ books/ monographs/ periodicals/ conference proceedings and by obtaining patents.

  • Arranging FDP to enhance the research skills, and

  • Participating in Periodic research forum meetings


Pay Revision and Annual increment:

  • Pay Revision is based on the Performance Appraisal report of the individual and will be taken up at the beginning of every academic year.

  • Performance and other credentials of the staff members shall be the integral part of the pay revision. For Annual increments also, the same procedure shall be followed.

Opportunities for Higher Studies:

The staff members of this institution are permitted to pursue higher studies. Faculty members are encouraged to do higher studies.

  • Special OD will be provided for higher studies.

  • Grant of leave and sanctioning OD is left to the discretion of the Management.

Accident Insurance Scheme:

  • All staff members are covered by the insurance scheme of The New India Assurance Company Limited.

  • In order to help the faculty members in a critical situations like accident or death of a faculty , they can claim an insurance of an amount as mentioned below:


Student / Faculty

Benefit Category

Claim Amount



Accident Death, Permanent Total Disability, Permanent Partial Disability and dismemberment


Medical Expenses

Rs.300000/- medical expenses arising out of accident (24 Hour Hospitalization) & Rs.25000/- Out Patient Expenses (Due To Accident)


  • All promotions shall be considered on the basis of merit cum seniority and Performance Appraisal Report as per AICTE norms.

  • It is subject to condition that there has not been any disciplinary action taken against such candidates.

  • Those who are promoted shall be fitted in the Scale of Pay as applicable to the respective category.

  • Staff Members become eligible for annual increments prescribed at the end of twelth months of service in the Institution


Selected staff members will be sponsored by the Management for faculty development programmes, conferences, seminars and workshops. Any faculty member will be allowed for a maximum of two such programmes in a semester.


  • If any staff member wants to resign the job, the concerned staff member shall give a minimum of three months / 90 days advance notice or as per the conditions specified in the appointment order / promotion order about his/her intention of leaving job, only at the end of the academic year to the Chairman through the Principal in writing.

  • In case, where the end of notice period falls during the course of a semester he/she may be relieved only at the end of the semester.

  • The unavailed leave at the credit of the staff member shall not be adjusted towards the notice period.

  • In case, if he/she takes leave for a day and if there is no casual leave available, then the leave availed will be treated as loss of pay with the cut in the salary for the day during the notice period

  • While getting relieved of his / her duty files, materials and documents, etc., entrusted to him/her shall be handed over to the person nominated by the HOD or Principal under proper acknowledgement.

  • The staff member can apply for his/her the relieving order from the Institution only after the submission of “No Dues Certificate” in the prescribed form along with a copy of handing over charge record in case if he/she happens to be in-charge of the laboratory.

  • Any staff member may be relieved immediately if he/she gets a Government Job or the concerned individual’s spouse is transferred or he/she is getting married. But, this is subject to the discretion of the Management after assessing the merit of the request.


  • Age of retirement for all staff is as per the Govt. norms. The management reserves the right to appoint retired person on suitable terms.

  • Retired persons will not be given extension as per AICTE after attaining the age of 70.

  • Management has the right to terminate the service of a staff member by giving notice period of 3 months/3 months' pay in lieu of notice if his/her performance/conduct is not satisfactory.

  • In the case of indiscipline, misconduct, moral turpitude and other improper conduct of a faculty/staff member is found; disciplinary action will be initiated by the Management/Principal.

  • Management has the right to terminate the service of a staff member by giving 3 month's notice or three months’ pay in lieu of notice, if his/her performance/conduct is not satisfactory.

  • Termination of services shall not be made unless the concerned employee has been given a reasonable opportunity to explain the facts relevant to the case & the Management decision will be final & binding.



  • The staff members are expected to be at their work place during the prescribed working hours.

  • If, for any unavoidable reason, one has to leave the work place, prior written permission should be obtained from the Principal through their respective HOD.

  • The staff members shall not engage themselves either directly or indirectly in any kind of business, trade activities and in running of educational institution or undertake part time job in other concern, etc.

  • The staff members shall not involve themselves in activities not conducive to their work during working hours.

  • The staff members shall not engage in offering private tuitions. However, in exceptional cases, with prior permission of the Principal, tuitions can be undertaken.

  • Staff members are encouraged to take up Consultancy / Research projects only with the permission of the Management.

  • Staff members are prohibited from accepting valuable gifts in any form from the students / parents / companies having business transactions with the college.

  • The perks received if any, for the good work from the management by the individual shall be treated as confidential.

  • The staff members shall not involve in political activities.

  • The details of student feedback forms and self-performance appraisal reports given by the individual to the superior shall be treated as confidential.

  • The Staff members should follow the dress code of the college.

  • Any breach /violation of any of the above conduct rules are liable for disciplinary action that may lead to the suspension / termination of service.


The duties of the staff members (teaching) are as follows:

For conducting theory classes, the teacher has

  • To go to class well prepared

  • To go to class at least 5 minutes before the commencement of period / hour.

  • To take charge of the class as soon as the staff member of the previous hour(s) goes out.

  • To give lecture throughout period / Hours

  • To clear the doubts of the students then and there in the class.

  • To give notes only if necessary or hand over the notes to the students and asking them to take Xerox copies.

  • To use Projector wherever necessary.

  • To take attendance in the middle of the first hour in the forenoon and immediately after entering the class room for all the remaining hours.

  • To take steps to maintain perfect discipline inside the class.

  • To make use of NPTEL/Online programmes.

  • To keep abreast in the subject by referring to journals and periodicals regularly.

For conducting practical classes, teacher has

  • To allow the students inside the lab only on submission of the record note books written up to date.

  • To give clear instructions.

  • To be demonstrative if needed to know how to do the experiment.

  • To attest the readings of the experiment.

  • To let the students know the percentage of error he/she commits for every experiment.

  • To give marks based on the percentage of error.

  • To sign the manual before the end of each practical class.

  • To sign the record note books and return them before the end of every practical class.

In general, the teacher has

  • To give at least three assignments to the students for every semester.

  • To correct them and give marks to them.

  • To correct the answer scripts of the monthly tests and model examination within three days.

  • To update marks in ERP in the prescribed time / duration.

  • To update the marks of the assignments, monthly tests and model examination in the log book also (to arrive at internal assessment marks at the end of every semester).

Apart from duties given above, the teacher has

  • To give counseling to the students if needed.

  • To bring the students misbehavior in the class to the knowledge of the Principal.

  • To give names of the students to the Principal who are long absentees.

  • To carry out the administrative works of the department given by the HOD concerned.

Duties of Technical Assistants, Skilled assistants and Office Assistants:

  • Staff members have to perform the duties assigned by the HOD or staff incharge of the laboratory concerned for the smooth functioning of the department.

  • Staff members have to carry out the works assigned by the office of the Management and the Principal every now and then.

  • The staff member is requested to inform the Principal about his / her acquiring higher qualification(s). While informing the Principal, the individual should also submit official a copy of provisional or degree certificate or any other relevant documents.



The requirements of a Department are classified into

        • Consumables

        • Non Consumables, and

        • Stationery


  • Soon after the last day of the classes of an academic year, the staff in charge of each lab should assess the requirement of lab consumables for the next academic year taking into account the consumption in the previous semester.

  • The HOD of the department concerned has to submit a list of consumables required for the next academic year to the management through proper channels.


  • The HOD as soon as realizing the need for the equipment (including furniture) for the next year/semester has to submit a proposal to the Management for the procurement of the same, through the Principal.

  • After the approval, the Management will call for quotations.

  • On receipt of quotations, the HOD has to prepare a comparative statement for purchase order process.

  • If required, vendors may be called for negotiations by the Management.

  • The purchase order will then be issued to the selected vendor by the Management.

  • A copy of the purchase order will be sent to the Principal/HOD of the department concerned by the Management.

  • Once purchases are over and after the items received by the Department, HOD has to certify that the items have been received in good / working condition.

  • The details of purchase should be entered into the consumables / non- consumable stock register as the case may be and HOD may forward / recommend the bill for payment to the Chairman through the Principal within a week of the receipts of goods.


  • Soon after the last working day of classes of an academic year, HoDs should assess the requirements of stationery for the administration of their respective Department.

  • After consolidation of the requirements and after the approval, the Management will take action for the bulk purchase of the stationery items needed for the entire Institution.

  • After procurement, the stationery required for each Department will be distributed by the Dept. of Library.


In case of laboratory, the following stock registers shall to be maintained

  • Consumables stock register

  • Non-consumables stock register, and

  • Other register(s) based on the requirement of the

Department concerned.

  • The staff in charge for each lab is responsible for the proper upkeep of the material in the lab besides maintaining the consumable and non-consumable stock register of each lab. HoD shall verify and sign each entry should be signed HOD concerned and the Principal.

  • Whenever a new staff member takes over the staff in charge of a lab, he/she shall take charge of the laboratory from his/her predecessor after verifying the entries of the stock registers. If there is any discrepancy, the fact shall be reported immediately through the HOD to the Principal.

  • If a staff member who is in charge of a particular lab is on long leave, the HOD shall make alternate arrangements immediately to entrust the stock to another staff member.

  • Any breakage or damage of an item during its use shall be immediately recorded in the stock register against that item in the remarks column. This shall include the reason for the damage and any breakage fees to be collected from the staff member / student whoever is responsible for the damage. In case of expensive items, the matter shall be reported to the Principal immediately for the recovery of the breakage fees. For inexpensive items, the breakage fee shall be collected after the practical classes are over for the current semester.

  • Similarly, loss of any item should also be recorded in the register and reported to the Principal for recovery of the cost from person responsible for the loss.

  • After the recovery of the costs and on the specific orders from the Principal the item lost / damaged has to be removed from the stock register.

  • If any old item is beyond repair and cannot be put into the use, the same can be condemned after obtaining approval from the Principal. This has to be entered in the stock register.

  • No transfer of an equipment / material from one lab to another lab (even within the same Department) shall take place without prior permission of the Principal. As and when such a transfer is made a note shall be made in the respective stock register of the laboratory against the item regarding the date of issue, date of receipt and other relevant particulars.

  • If any equipment is not functioning within the guarantee period, the company may be pulled up for rectification and it must be set right at the earliest possible.

  • Periodic service and maintenance of the each equipment / machinery is a must.


  • Surprise checks on stocks shall be carried out by the HOD in his/her Department at least once in a year. The Principal or any member of the Management may also conduct surprise checks.

  • Apart from surprise checks, annual verification shall be carried out by the staff members deputed by the Principal from other Departments before the end of the academic year.

  • Discrepancy, if any, noticed during stock verifications shall reported to the Principal immediately for further action.


A Faculty shall :

  • Live and lead by example in every sphere of conduct particularly to inculcate a culture in students

    • respect parents, teachers, elders

    • express the love of brotherhood to fellow students

    • accept and extend due respect to every religion and social grouping

    • love the Nation and commit their endeavors to Her progress

  • have a sense of belonging to the Institution

  • assume total dedication to the teaching profession

  • always have an urge to excel in professional expertise

  • wear a respectable attire, befitting the society’s expectations

  • keep up immaculate personal hygiene at all times

  • never appear untidy, through style of dressing, grooming of hair or in respect of any other ornament one wears

  • never have the habit of chewing, smoking or consumption of alcoholic drinks

  • never gossip or discuss unauthentic information with peers or other members of public which might provoke a sensation or ill feeling of any sort

  • always listen to students with concern, whether it be in respect of doubts in lessons or it be relating to any personal help

  • always motivate the students, giving them a feeling of comfort and encouraging their enthusiastic expressions

  • attend to parents as a true representative of the Institution, clarify their doubts with concern and help them understanding the system in a better manner

  • confer with them on any special problem pertaining to their wards, assist them in solving the problem and guiding them properly on how and who to approach for further help

  • always give the parents authentic and correct information and never enter into any form of gossiping either relating to the School or of fellow teachers, students or any other member of society

  • always accept the entity of fellow teachers, honor their sentiments and respect their value system, and

  • always endeavor to assist fellow teachers, either in their teaching practice or in any form of adjustment required for discharging their responsibilities

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