Grievance Redressal Cell mainly involves the receiving and handling the grievances from students. A wider definition includes actions taken on any issue raised by students to extend services more effectively and efficiently.

Objectives of Grievance Redressal Cell System

  • The students can approach the cell to air their grievances regarding academic and non - academic matters.
  • The students can also convey / register their grievances through class committee meeting.
  • The committee will look into the matter and shall try to redress the grievances as soon as possible.
  • The cell redresses the grievances at the basis of individual and as well as class level if the grievance is common.
  • The solution for the grievance will be communicated to students concerned at the earliest.
  • The Cell will deal with the cases / complaints of sexual abuses / annoyance or any other type of harassment of the female students, teaching and non-teaching women staff of the college.

Composition of the cell

  • The committee is headed by senior faculty of the college.
  • Three Nos. women faculty members are allotted prominent role in the cell.
  • Three members from departments are nominated as a member.
  • Two members from warden of Boys and Girls hostel act as members in the cell.

Mechanism for Submitting Grievances

The complainant can submit the complaints to the members of the cell through following channels.

  • Written complaint should be submitted in person.
  • E-mail can be sent with relevant details.
  • Complaints can be made through Phone call, SMS and Feedback form.
  • Anonymous letter can be dropped in the suggestion box available in the campus.

Conduct of Grievances Committee Meeting

The grievance committee meets in once / twice semester. But, in the extra – ordinary circumstances the committee meeting, may be convened on receiving the complaint based on the urgency and nature of the complaints. The complainant is called to attend the meeting by serving prior notice and further enquiry is conducted. The findings and recommendations are forwarded to the relevant authority, management and complainant for further action.

Committee Members (2019 – 2020)

S.No Details of the Members Position
1 Dr. K.Chandramohan, Prof / CSE, Vice Principal Chairman
2 Ms.S.Lalitha, AP / CSE Member
3 Mr.R.Yuvaraj, AP / EEE Member
4 Ms.R.Abarna, AP / MECH Member
5 Mr.R.Poomurugan, AP / ECE Member
6 Mr.N.Senthil, AP / CIVIL Member
7 Ms.D.Sowdeswari, AP / S & H Member
8 Ms.B.Hemalatha, Warden Member
9 Mr.S.Sethuravipandiyan, Warden Member
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